Ryen is an Intuitive Counselor and Psychic Medium, certified from the Holistic Studies Institute in NYC. She works with spirit guides, passed loved ones, angels, animal totems, goddesses, mother earth, and fairies to relay information and guidance for your soul’s highest path and purpose. Whether you are seeking help though major life shifts, career moves, romantic endeavors, healing from past hurts and lost loved ones, or in need of day to day guidance, she works to connect you with the best information available to you for your highest good. She believes that everyone she has had the blessing to read for was brought to her for a reason and welcomes each opportunity as a gift.



She also works with animals to relay information on their health as well as emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs for better understanding, connection, relationship, cohabitation and healing.


She offers a variety of sessions over the phone:

20 mins ( approx 1-2 questions) $35

45 mins (approx 2-3 questions) $75

60 mins (approx 3-5 questions) $125

or 60 mins in person $150


*please feel free to inquire of sliding scale prices if you are in need of a more flexible pricing, as Ryen aims to make her work accessible


Ryen also aims to end the suffering of abused, neglected and/or exploited animals by offering her healing work to various volunteering animal rescue organizations. Please contact her if you know of an animal in urgent need


to set up a session, email ryen@ryenblaschke.com