Mirroring Your Light

The law of attraction in action while hiking in the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, Italy – August 2018

I am not interested in being in the business of giving advice, I am interested in helping others find and access their own wisdom. Whether it’s through coaching or helping others develop their intuition, I am passionate about helping people clear the way for their own inner guidance to be seen and heard.

Whether in the role of a medium or a coach, I simply channel consciousness.

I channel the energy of love, of compassion and curiosity. I channel knowledge given by the universe, of our collective consciousness, the guidance offered by spirit and passed loved ones. I channel back to you the expertise of your own inner light, your own inner guide, the one who knows you better than anyone, the only one qualified to sufficiently advise your needs, you.

I work to keep myself open, to keep myself clear, to keep myself grounded, humble, transparent, and connected in humanness and humility. I work to balance my own cycles of ego and soul development, to practice the balance of being a soul and a human at the same time.

I work to fully see you, and allow myself to be fully seen.

As a medium, I simply receive and relay back to you what is given to me, what I can see, or sense, or feel. I simply receive and deliver the message, whether its from your loved ones, your spirit guides or your own higher self. My work is to allow consciousness to reach the proper place, and only to help translate or decipher when necessary.

As a coach, I simply mirror the beauty and innate wisdom that you already have within yourself. I reflect back what you, from a place of bravery and curiosity, find within the depth of your own being. I hold the rope for you as you dive deep, I provide a safe and secure space for you as you blossom open, I celebrate you, I have faith in you,

I guide you in clearing the way for your true and whole self to come forth, and towards re-connecting with the path you already know within your heart.

It is a blessing and privilege to get to do this work, to help others access the magic and potential patiently nesting inside of them. I welcome and honor the opportunity in helping you in doing the same. Click here to make an appointment today.

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