A New Era of Consciousness

Exploring the Geirangerfjord in Norway, June 2018

There is an invisible reality that gives life to all. It is within all beings, all moments of time, all interactions, all expressions, and all emotions. It goes mostly undetectable, it has no physical form, it has no smell, or taste. There is grand force that when in collaboration with our bodies, with our emotions, our environments, and all other beings, gives life to our world.

It is consciousness

Everything from language, to brain activity, emotions, and behaviors are given life by this invisible force that humans long to understand. We study dialogue and tone, body language, neurons, and brain wiring, all in attempt to make sense of the way we, and our world works. But what moves us, what animates us, and motivates us, is not entirely done by measurable, physical, or cellular means. It is not entirely of our physical reality.

Consciousness is not measurable on a grayscale, it is not ruled by numbers, it does not function in dualities or binaries, it does not exist as chemicals or atoms.

It is purely energy that exists within us, in our world, within our fellow beings, and exists as an force that flows between us, as well us all around us.

As I study affects and the science of emotions in my master’s program, I continue to be amused by scientific attempts to measure this force of life. Everything from facial recognition software to measure emotions, to the search for emotion centers in the brain. We search long and hard for the physical evidence behind so many things. We still have to yet to find IT.

But IT is simply life. Specifically consciousness, the intelligent life energy that is within us.

As a psychic medium who experiences consciousness in action between beings on earth, and beings in other realms, I do not need scientific evidence to prove to myself what I, and others experience to be very real. But as a human with a mind and a penchant for understanding, I seek to learn more about it. I seek to, at the very least, understand more on a human level what I or others experience to be consciousness.

New minds are developing, and continue to develop.

New understandings of our world have been and are, underway. But we may never fully understand or be able to study consciousness, how it functions within our bodies or our world. But, the growth and potential that is discovered through the process, can be revolutionary.

We are finally ending an era of scientific superiority that has dominated for over 2,000 years, and has kept us locked in its grasp. Its the equivalent of clinging to modernism while post modernism is well underway. A new era of human consciousness is already afoot. It is challenging the duality of our world, the “right or wrong”, or the B&W mindset that has ruled for far too long. It’s teaching us new ways of looking at life that are outside of scientific methods.

Our new and currently developing state of being, will not be of the mind.

It will be of a holistic, integral, multidimensional level. A full sensory experience, and way of being in the world. The irony and beauty is that we are gaining better understanding of this force, as we ourselves are changing and able to connect to it in different and new ways.

We are finally beginning to “see” that our world is hardly a world of duality, but that the ways in which our cultures have built themselves around, ie language and science, merely has kept us there. Change is already happening, but we can not let our inability to scientifically measure it, or fully understand it, keep us from allowing ourselves to move forward. We get to utilize and treasure the tools we’ve created as a brilliant species, but bring them with us as we move forward.

We must allow ourselves to be open to change, in order to grow. We must allow ourselves to embrace the mystery of what is possible, it order for it to manifest.

One is reliant on the other. We must step outside of our own limitations, as individuals and as a collective, to allow room for bigger possibilities to unfold. Let us gets out of our own way of truly connecting to the essence of life, to consciousness. It is outside of the mind and comprehension, outside of measurability.

It is simply unfolding as we unfold.

As a medium, something I can comprehend simply through the act of trying it, is the act of connecting to the unknown. Just by having the intent to connect for the greater good, endless incredible things come forth. The beauty, the unexpected, and the unimaginable of what this simple act has brought into my life, is unmeasurable. I simply would not continue to evolve if I didn’t do so.

And I can tell you from personal experience, that I know what it feels like to feel stuck for many years, only for the universe to finally shake me out of a deep slumber.

It is for this reason that I cannot lie aside and let my community, my government, and global humanity to stay asleep. To wake up, is to open your eyes and remember who you are at your essence. To stay awake, is to come together as a conscious and collective species, and forge bravely ahead. We are human, built of many capacities to experience life and the force behind it, and we’ve barely begun to understand these capabilities. This is why I study and seek knowledge. Not to validate the existence of consciousness itself, but to learn tools to help us wake up to we are at our essence, and stay awake.

We on this planet are a powerful, inventive, creative, compassionate, and brave species. As humans, we combine our powers to create both the beauty and insanity we have today on our planet. Both to their credit, were created from vast complexity and innovation. We have evolved as far as we have as a species, because we have acted as a collective. That same collective energy is the very thing needed towards healing and restoration on this planet, as well as our evolution. That can happen at any scale and already is. And like consciousness, we must be open to what is possible and as a collective to move forward and allow our full capacities and potentials to manifest.

Consciousness is the very force behind us all, and what is needed now, is not to fully understand it in order for us to be able to evolve.

What is needed now, is to simply have faith in it, in ourselves, and in each other. From there we by act by connecting to life and all of its potentials, and allowing our greatest unknowns to realize.

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