Ryen Blaschke, MA

Originally from Oregon and California, I currently reside in Longmont, Colorado. I am both an empath and academic with a lifelong connection to the power of subtle energies, as well as a fascination for human growth, healing, and development. I hold a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology as well as a Life Coach Certification based in Internal Family Systems (IFS). I am also a Certified Psychic Medium from the Holistic Studies Institute of NY and regularly attend intensive study programs at the Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship Development in Stansted, England.

My Journey – As a multi-faceted being with a love for our planet, animals, and creative expression, I began my undergraduate studies in wildlife biology, as well as photography and mixed media art. Ending up with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art, I made my way to NYC to pursue a career in fashion styling, continuing for over 10 years. Despite accomplishing a goal of finding career success within a highly competitive field, my soul knew deep down that I had a much bigger purpose.

In 2016, out of deep curiosity and joy, I sought to formally develop my intuitive abilities while still pursuing my fashion career. I attended the Holistic Studies Institute of NY and was taught by some of NYC’s finest and most recognized mediums. In that time, I began to awaken to the intuitive abilities and sensitivities within me that I had been conditioned all my life to ignore and fear. I began to expand as a spiritual being and develop a deeper connection with spiritual forces in ways I always knew to be possible within my heart, but had been conditioned to believe otherwise.

In 2017, I underwent several losses in my personal life. Fortunately, due to a newfound connection with spiritual dimensions and my intuition, I allowed myself to surrender completely to my spirituality and healing process. Shortly after, I felt called to go into nature and camp alone for the first time, which had been both a lifelong goal and fear of mine. During my time camping solo, I underwent a sudden awakening in which I was brought to remember many parts of myself that I had unconsciously been neglecting for years.

I saw my life flash before me and realized that I had slowly lost touch with myself and my higher path for over a decade. I realized that I had been conforming and constraining the wholeness of my being into conventional roles, a narrow career path, and to the hustle of commercial career success. I realized that I had slowly lost unconditional love and acceptance of myself and was looking for approval everywhere outside of myself. In result, I had been unknowingly performing false versions of myself in order to find outside acceptance, belonging, or worth.

From this realization, I left my life and career in NYC, and further pursued alone time in nature to deepen my newfound connection with myself. I decided to take this goal to a global level, solo traveling around the world for the majority of a year. I traveled across Africa, the UK, Scandinavia, and Europe, seeing places and doing things I had longed to do my whole life. It was during that time that I began to rediscover all the parts of myself that had been lost, as well as discover new parts of myself that I never knew existed.

Through exploring the vast and varied beauty of the planet during my travels, I reunited with my passion for the earth, my passion for life, and in living fully with presence and awe. I began to reunite with my love and acceptance for all parts of myself and my deep love and compassion for others. I reunited with my love of nature as well as nature photography and spent most of my time photographing the landscapes of 16 countries.

I discovered a love of spontaneity and adventure by allowing my intuition to guide the direction and flow of my travels. I learned for the first time in my life how to let go and find a sense of being, after so much doing, controlling, and striving. I found unbounded joy and bliss by allowing my heart and soul to lead, instead of following the narrow focus of my mind. During these travels, I was gifted nameless synchronicities, experiences, and insights that ignited the seeker within me. I began to grow more curious about what it was that I was experiencing during my travels, as well as during my experiences as a medium and empath.

After my travels, I returned to the east coast and continued my journey of understanding and truth-seeking. I sought to learn more about the human psyche, our world, spiritual dimensions, and consciousness itself as the center of it all. I earned a Master’s in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology from the Graduate Institute of CT, as well as a Psychospiritual Life Coaching Certification.

Today, I continue to journey deep on a path of spiritual connection, alignment, expansion and personal growth with commitment and passion. I continue to learn and practice new skills personally and professionally and look forward to allowing this work to continually evolve alongside me. I am committed to living a slower-paced life that is connected and attuned to the earth, myself, and others, and to helping others do the same.

My mission is to help others awaken and heal, and believe it is the key to awaking and healing our planet. It is for this reason that I am passionate about helping others connect to the truths of their deepest Self, their healing capacities, their innate spiritual connection and abilities, the many parts of themselves, and their soul’s true calling.

“Awaken Yourself, Awaken the Planet”

Outside my work, I enjoy spending time in nature, photography, trail running and hiking, spending time with loved ones and friends, building community, plant-based cooking and nutrition, art, music and dance, gardening/permaculture, environmental activism, social justice, and animal advocacy.

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I’ve had the opportunity of being coached with Ryen since 2019. Ryen has helped me so thoroughly along my spiritual journey. Lots of healing & lots of crying with more and more self-love in return. Ryen has been a great assistance in transforming me into the greatest version of myself.” – Adedeji – NY, NY

Ryen has been a lighthouse during my spiritual awakening process. Despite the fact that we reside in opposite hemispheres, she is readily available and able to tune into my guidance system and deliver the messages I need to hear from the divine. I am so thankful we have crossed paths.” – Sian – Durban, South Africa

I’ve been working with Ryen for about a month, and I am blown away by my progress. Ryen is grounded, focused, and has a great intuition for how carefully excavate the dark places, bringing light and awareness, connection and catharsis. I came to Ryen looking to find my center, and while my work is far from done, I have already found steady footholds in my spiritual and emotional life. I heartily recommend Awaking Self.” – Audrey – Eugene, OR

Ryen is amazing. She is present and inquisitive and her intuition is on point. If you are looking for guidance in your life, Ryen is a perfect choice.” – Sawyer – Olympia, WA

“I find Ryen to be an incredibly gifted coach. Her approach is gentle and allows you to softly open while guiding you toward the path of your innate wisdom. Ryen also has a remarkable ability to tap into her intuition which she uses to provide deep and meaningful insights. Every time I am coached by Ryen I gain a deeper understanding of myself and my path of healing. I highly recommend!” – Catherine – New Haven, CT

“Ryen is a special soul, who is very intuitive and know how to guide her clients to work inward and find ways towards their goals. With her guidance I was able to do parts works with enough Self energy that she helped and guided me on how to access. I’m very grateful to her for the work we did that had a wonderful result in my emotional and spiritual life.” – Silvana – Farmington, CT

“I met Ryen a couple of years ago in another line of work. She was always a person I liked to be around and had a really lovely calm and kind presence. I had for years wanted to work with a psychic medium and intuitive guide to help settle some of my past, but was ambivalent about sitting down with a stranger. I had my first reading with Ryen. I was surprised by the loved ones I connected with, but more so was surprised by the intuitive guidance, which at the time didn’t make a lot of sense, but came came together for me in the weeks that lay ahead. Ryen made the first step in this journey accessible for me in a way that opened a new door for me spiritually.”– Sarah – NY, NY

“Ryen supported my partner and I through the passing of our beloved dog Steve. She was able to give us valuable insight into how he was feeling while he was going through some health problems. Even though he was seeing the vet regularly, since he couldn’t really talk to us hearing from him through Ryen gave us peace of mind. She also helped us sort out some tension between Steve and our other dog while Steve was sick. Ryen is very compassionate and intuitive and has a great connection with animals. Thank you, Ryen!”– Aubree – LA, CA

“I was somewhat skeptical about this process as a whole, but I’ve known Ryen for years and therefore trusted her skills. She was humble about her abilities and never pretended she had any answers, only connections. She addressed my concerns (fearful dog with abusive past) and tuned in accurately to both his physical and mental issues (bringing up things about him that are not visible in pictures). I know Ryen to be both calm and caring, allowing me to laugh at parts of the process I didn’t understand. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a window into things we cannot see on our own.”– Rachael – LA, CA

“When I was introduced to Ryen from a mutual friend, he told me she was one of his favorite human beings.
Agreed, Ryen is authentic and the real deal.
I had 2 readings around the same time for my beloved dog, Ryder. The first reading was more general so when Ryen was able to pinpoint his health concerns and some behavioral patterns, it was super helpful and comforting to hear.
I highly recommend Ryen and can’t wait to connect with her again.”– Lulu – NY, NY

“I came to Ryen because my Ridgeback was sick, mostly diarrhea and it was going on for a while, the vet couldn’t find anything despite the tests, and exams.Ryen was able to determine what he  needed, she had great insight about his diet, and gave other wonderful advice.The session also revealed that T was scared of one of my spirit guides, whose presence he wasn’t used to. Once I officially introduced him to the spirit he was fine. The diarrhea disappeared as well, after a few days.” – Corinna – NY, NY

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