All Feelings Are Valid

Daily magic in Donegal, Ireland – March 2018

At some point in our lives, we are taught that there are good feelings, and there are bad feelings. We are taught to hide what we are feeling in any given moment, that they are a burden, “too much”, or that bringing them up will make something a “big deal”.

But in reality, all feelings are valid and linked to the truth of who we are. That truth is our needs and wants that are vital to our existence.

Feelings arise involuntarily every second of our lives and are intrinsically linked to our experience as humans. There is in actuality, no way to separate ourselves from our feelings.

We have learned that by utilizing our thinking to interpret the experiences in our lives, that we are smarter and better. We are taught to use our brains primarily, and that it’s better than using our hearts. Being rational has become of value because somehow it’s supposed to be void of feelings, and only made of fact. The only fact of that is, that it’s impossible to be free of feelings.

Having feelings is our way in which we are built to navigate our lives, experiences, and relationships.

They are directly tied to ourselves on a soul level. They are always rooted in truth, although often shrouded within layers and layers of themselves. The irony is that from all of our negative conditioning about having feelings, we result in having even more feelings around our feelings. We develop complex layers and webs of feelings, but that in itself is the most accurate representation of our existence.

Our reality is never linear or singular in nature, but rather diverse, complex, and multidimensional.

Feelings are the best way to be in alignment with this truth of our reality. Feelings are subtle, varied, and exist within a spectrum. Feelings vary and shift, and move with us as we vary and shift. They are alive and connected in presence with each now moment.

Within thinking, our brains to break up our experiences into easily digestible, bite size pieces.

This is very helpful in approaching to communicate our feelings to others, but thinking is no substitute for the truth of feelings, and all that they encompass.

We are built to utilize the different components of ourselves in tandem and in partnership with one another. The heart helps the brain, the brain helps the body, etc and visa versa. We are a system of parts, a beautiful network of complexity that only needs to be in harmony with one another. Allowing and aligning to the truth of our feelings is the best way to bring about this harmony within ourselves.

From the validity and truth of our feelings, lies the validity and truth of who we are.

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