Beautiful In Our Multitudes

Wild horses in the sunset while driving through the four corners area – Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado

We are made up of many parts. Our parts include different personas, emotions, roles, genders, interests, goals etc. We function in life with all of our many facets working in conjunction with another. We don’t notice our multiplicities as we primarily function under the pretense of one unitary mind. But in fact we are not made of one mind or part, but many. We have been lead to think that having multiplicities is not normal or healthy. If we don’t feel 100% unitary, then we start to wonder if we are going crazy. In reality, there is no one voice in us, just like there is no one voice in humanity. We are made of many voices or parts that when in harmony, naturally function together in an ecosystem, like a pack of animals or a flock of birds.

Nature relies on many parts working in cooperation and harmony.

When we are upset, we feel the disharmony of those parts. When an angry part is dominating, it steps in front of the fear and hurt parts. When the ego part is dominating, it protects the vulnerable part with a cloak of invisibility. But as we know, this doesn’t work for long. We feel the effects of one part dominating and other parts being denied. Every part has a purpose, as well as a strength and a weakness. When one is threatened and becomes challenged, sometimes the weaknesses take the lead. Our parts cluster together in order to help us survive and function and we need all the parts to work together in order to do so.

But like a family, our parts can get out of harmony and are not able to function properly.

We don’t notice the moments when our parts are out of balance, so we in turn listen to the loudest voice and make it our main reality. But fortunately like any relationship, you can work to heal and resolve issues between the family members or parts. Instead of casting one aside, you can be curious and caring and ask it what it’s needs are. With patience, deep presence and care, you can examine and resolve the needs of every part until all are healed. When there is healing of all parts, then there is freedom from suffering and harmony can reside. Harmony as one fully realized, whole and divine self.

With coaching, you can realize this process. You are guided in listening, inquiring and in the realigning of your parts and in turn, you awaken to your whole multifaceted harmonious self.

If you are interested in getting to know and love all your parts, click here to schedule a free coaching consultation.

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