Being Over Doing

Reflections during a hike around Lake Tully in northern MA – October 2019

Your worth does not come from what you do, but simply in being who you are.

Who you are is a state of being, outside of your mind, outside of your actions and your doing. You are not your accomplishments, careers, successes, to-do lists, bank account, recognitions, likes and follows. You are are also not your mistakes, failures, losses, illnesses, struggles, lessons, or regrets.

Who you are is a being, a state of being in this very moment and in every moment. You are a whole and complete, perfectly imperfect. You are a being full of life, energy, feeling, and frequency.

You are simply you in every breath, suspended in time and space.

You matter exactly as you are in this very minute. With all that you have and done until now, what matters is your being. Nothing more, nothing less. Your worth is already within you, it is always within you.

Your worth is simply in being you.

Everything else comes after that, the doing, the having, the accomplishing are a part of the life experience, they are secondary. Our experiences make up our time here on this beautiful planet, but they not make up who we are at our essence.

You get to simply be as you are, it is enough, it is beautiful, unique, needed and necessary for the rest of the world to have you as a part of it.

Simply be life, you don’t have to do life. You are life, you are already worthy, and nothing you do, experience, have or loose, will ever effect that.

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