Calling in Compassion

Exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park – Sept 2019

The biggest pandemic is fear esp in the face of suffering. The biggest cure for fear, is the most powerful energy of all: love.

The most essential thing we can do now in this time of fear, is to have love and compassion for one another in this time.

Survival mechanisms look different from person to person, and we each cope in various ways. While in survival mode, each of us are prone to acting from fear and in result, may unintentionally or intentionally hurt others. But deep down, all of our actions come from a deep place of need and survival. We get to remember this as a way of calling in compassion and love for ourselves and one another.

A way of doing this is to become more mindful of the ways we feel towards ourselves.

To grow awareness and connection of the deeper belief systems within ourselves, and the parts of us that are running them. To call in love and compassion to those parts, is to release judgement and assumptions, and be curious and get to know them. It’s listening to what our many parts need, and what they can tell us. It’s knowing that each of those parts serve us, have a role, and each of them have valid needs. It’s then, one by one, healing their needs and their relationships within us. It’s by getting to know ourselves and remembering the humanness and the complexity that we each contain.

It’s by building a capacity for love and compassion for our own complexity and humanness, that we can build a capacity for love and compassion for others.

The more we get to know and love our own beautifully complex and human selves, the more we are able to extend that love and compassion outwards. They go hand in hand, and by helping others, you also help yourself. Each direction of compassion and love are covariant and codependent, and each are necessary for survival.

Let’s get us all through this time, through unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and others, in the face of fear.

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