Connecting To Consciousness

Visiting the Western Highlands of Scotland – March 2019

I’m grateful to share my last 3 weeks has brought a powerful time of learning, practice, and expansion. It began with an intensive mediumship and synergetics training (science of subtle energies) at Arthur Findlay College in England, a solo week off the grid in the highlands of Scotland to reflect, write, and assimilate new teachings and to celebrate a birthday and the entering of a new era. Followed by a weekend intensive course for my masters program in CT, and finished up with an introductory intensive weekend of coach training also in CT.

It brings me immense joy to be in a space of learning and to practice a beginner’s mind with various new teachings. I find no greater grounding and centering than when connecting with spirit, with nature, with stillness, with my highest self, and with colleagues and cohorts of like mind and heart. To have the opportunity to grow understanding and connection to subjects I feel a calling to is a gift.

To take that knowledge, personalized experiential knowledge, taught knowledge, shared knowledge and to offer it in a loving, unifying and approachable way, is as I have discovered, my soul’s path.

I am honored to be able to have not only a medium’s mind (a deep connection and growing understanding of the world of the invisible), but also a human heart and brain that is capable of feeling, learning, connecting and experiencing the gift of our physical world and all of my fellow humans on it. Because of this, I am driven to understanding to the workings of our existence in order to help bring about peace, to aid in the return to our innate state of being, and the return of ultimate harmony as humans whom we are made of both spirit and flesh.

I aim to echo in the steps of my recent teacher, powerful and radical medium Janette Marshall, who states as her mission is, “to make the invisible world, visible.” To bring forward the main reality of existence, gone mostly undiscovered by science but studied, felt, channelled and worked with over the centuries, to the material world in order to be reconnected with and returned to. To help others understand that consciousness is what our world is made up of and that we are only beginning to understand what that means and how working with it can change our world, our personal realities, and finally effect the greater good.

With that I believe we must put it at the center of our universe, because it is the center of our universe. It is what connects all of us to each other, to the world of spirit and to the planet we reside on. It is the very same energy that makes up both the visible and invisible worlds and both our bodies and our spirits. It is energy that emanates in a single cell all the way to the expanding spaces of our universe.

Currently we have the material/physical world at our center, and it has unfortunately been that way since organized religion and the hierarchy of humans began. It has brought us suffering, disconnection, scarcity, greed competition, and violence. It is only made more evident by the prioritization of western science as a means of validating/factualizing all things in life. Science is an incredible tool but when the advancement of our society depends on its ability of it to catch up to the realities of consciousness, we continue to suffer. 

It is the development of new human minds, new and deepened ways of working with and studying the essence of life, that will bring us forward. It is studying what mediums, mystics, spiritual practitioners and communities have always known.

It is understanding, knowing, and connecting on an innate level with our own consciousness, that will bring us home to ourselves, to each other, and bring the healing of our planet and the unification of our souls for the collective good.

I hope you will join me in having a beginners mind to what understandings will be offered to us as well as discovering and unearthing what we can know deep in our truest selves. All we have to do is be open, to look and to listen <3

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