Connect to the World of Spirit

Driving on the Albula Pass through Berg√ľn Switzerland – August 2018

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I received my first reading from a medium. I felt the energy and love of the spirit world directly being channeled to and for me. I remember sobbing quietly with a profound sense of relief and joy as if I had seen a lost loved one after a long time. I never wanted the feeling to end. When the reading was over, I sobbed some more. Why was I so deeply affected, where was all this emotion coming from?

This was my soul remembering where it came from.

Remembering that there is a vast world beyond the physical in which it originates. It was remembering what it felt like to be pure energy beyond the human form, free of suffering and material concerns. Remembering what it’s like to feel love in endless abundance, bringing with it immense joy and bliss. I felt a deep familiarity to this feeling, and this opened up a profound yearning into building this connection for myself.

From that moment, I became a seeker, following the light of spirit and all that it brings. Seeking the holes and cracks into it in which to peer from. Eventually I learned that I could take a step further and actually enter that world. In that world, I found freedom and true connection. True connection to my soul, to my spirit guides, and my passed loved ones who are there to support me in this journey of life.

We all have this ability to connect and enter the spirit world. It is accessible through energy felt in the heart and in all your senses. It’s something that each and everyone one of us are capable of.

We are all born with the ability to connect to the world unseen, to connect to our innate guidance system. Once you connect to this world, you will only feel love and remember how to truly be.

There are those who are called to connect further, to act as mediums for others. Not all are called to this but the ones who are, can provide direct clarity and access to our support network in times when our human experiences interfere with our own intuition. For this reason, I still receive readings. Call upon your support network with the help of a human guide, those mediums around you. We are here to help and to connect you the unseen world of abundant love 

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