Energetic Alchemy for Times of Stress and Fear

Hi loves,

A special message to all you sensitives and empaths out there during times of high stress and anxiety. Here are some of the ways that I practice setting positive intention and energetic protection for myself in stressful moments and/or environments. I also share a practice of what I call energetic alchemy: for when we have taken on outside negative energies, and our capacity to fully heal them within our systems, and in result, the power to fully heal and transform those energies forever, for the greater good. We can as individuals transform the negative energy in the world into the positive, through every step of self-care and self-compassion we take.

We unfortunately can’t control what comes down our paths, but we do get to chose how we respond and heal in situations. Deep within us is a fully healed, thriving, whole, healthy and powerful being that is there to embrace us and return to, time and time again. We or others around us may struggle to remember this at times, but the beautiful thing about energy (and emotions), is that they are ever changing and impermanent. Within impermanence, is the endless freedom and potential to heal from anything that comes our way.

Hold yourself and others lovingly and in compassion in this time. We can and will get through this together.

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