Everyday Magic

Present moment magic calling my attention while on a hike in Smuggler’s Notch, VT – July 2019

Magic isn’t something that can be searched for. Magic is what’s already in your life, right with you in this very moment.

As I hike and solo camp this week in Vermont, I relearn over and over again what it means to be present. It’s an ongoing journey, and I’m right here in it. I find myself searching and striving to attain this magical presence as if it’s somewhere around the next corner.

But as I learn time and time again, it’s not something to be found inside my thoughts, or somewhere off in a mystical place. It’s something that is always there, if only I let it in.

Learning to be present is a moment by moment task as well as a choice one can make. It is the magic you can admire and welcome into your life from everyday moments. From the trip to the grocery store, to brushing your teeth, to waiting for the water to boil, it’s in the mundane as well as the profound. It’s easy to find magic in nature, but magic is no more there then it is in all parts of our lives.

Presence is bringing everyday magic into consciousness.

Once you become conscious of magic, your brain recognizes it, and then everything else can then be seen as magic too. Being open and inviting it in, can bring it more fully into our lives.

I easily found magic while solo traveling for 7 months last year. The daily dose of exploration and new adventures brought me a cornucopia of daily magic. It was still a journey to learn how to be connected moment by moment to it, to recognize it and invite it in, but an easier task than it is now in my daily east coast suburban life. But I’m learning how to bring it in with every kind of moment, and am making the choice to continue learning.

The great thing is when you choose to learn, you choose to surrender to the unknown, and with surrender comes openness, and with openness comes connection with life, and with connection with life, comes…magic. The magic right there in life, there right in front of us, right inside us, right around us, right with us.

In the end, magic is in the journey.

Take the journey every moment to invite it in and to learn how to be with it, to feel it from every sense, and let it grow inside of you, and you grow alongside it.

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