Feel Into Your Wholeness

Atop Männlichen point overlooking the Jungfrau mountain range in the canton of Bern, Switzerland – July 2018.

Emotions are our gateway to living life to its fullest.

We feel that we need to decrease our capacity to feel in order to survive and thrive in this world. In actuality, what we need to thrive and grow, is greater expansion of feeling. With greater feeling, comes a deeper connection with the heart. And with greater heart connection comes an expanded capacity to feel and be guided by love.

From love, we can expand and develop into the fullest being that we are born to be.

From the place of love, there is nothing we need to shrink or protect ourselves from. There are hundreds of different ways that fear can manifest in our world, but there is nothing more powerful, more transformative, than love.

Love on its own, can overcome all the forms of fear combined.

Trust that you are designed as a human to feel and experience all emotions, no matter what they are and how they arise. Trust that you are here on this earth to feel alive and connected to life. What better way to feel alive, then through the act of feeling. Allow all feelings, from the smallest felt senses to the biggest emotions. Allow yourself to especially feel love and receive love, and trust in its power to transform, guide and protect you. The capacity to feel love is something that can be built on, is limitless, and continues to expand.

From this expanded state, you allow yourself to touch the world as well as the hearts of others, further expanding their capacity to feel love as well.

Allow your fullest human potential to manifest by utilizing all of your senses, and developing them further. It is through sensing, especially feeling, that we intimately connect with all of life on this planet, and the divine. Let yourself be guided by your feelings and senses, from navigating the day to day, to the bigger journey of your soul. Engage and follow the expertise of the biggest feeler within you, the most powerful and highest transmitter of energy: the heart. From the heart you are guided on your truest path, both as a human and a soul. And feeling is the best way to unite both these parts of yourself, and become whole.

Allow your heart and your feelings to enact life and your path, to its fullest.

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