Finding Wholeness On The Edge of Change

Moon sunset over Lake Garda – July 2018

As our physical world is slowing down, and we are physically separating and isolating, we are considering the greater whole and stepping back from the world as we knew it. With ourselves and with one another, this time is bringing us to re-learn:

how to be
how to feel
how to connect
how to communicate
how to listen
how to share
how to give
how to love

In result, we are remembering:

our selves beyond our bodies
our oneness beyond our borders
our humanness beyond our technology
our earth beyond our structures

Through the stillness, the sickness and the suffering, through the healing and regrowth, we are being pushed further to the fullest potential of our being. Time over time, we are a part of an ever evolving cycle of change. We begin as students, we become teachers, and then masters…and we become students once again. On a grand scale, these cycles are a part of a bigger picture, one of the continuing evolution of human consciousness.

In this time, we are being guided further to the edge of change. New ways of being are being born, new systems and structures are being created, old ways are being returned to. We are finding the light to our shadow, and the shadow to our light. There is further resonance on a grander scale, more pathways, more connections, more learning and more mastery.
We are finding the harmony within all parts of our beings as individuals, and as a collective.
We are finding our wholeness.

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