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Bear Creek Falls in the San Juan National Forest, CO – September 2018

True freedom is giving up resistance to who you really are. True freedom is acting in alignment with yourself no matter what anyone else thinks or what your fears about what others might think.

True freedom is the absence of self resistance, the presence of alignment and is the feeling you get when you are no longer allowing the misalignment.

When you are in alignment, you are in tune with your wants and needs, as well as your authentic creativity and true self expression. In turn, by tuning into your feelings, you can bring yourself back into alignment. They are connected, and are one of the same.

One feeling in particular, joy, can guide you to your authentic path. Joy is felt on a soul level. Joy is your soul communicating to you what is authentically aligned with you. Joy is felt in the heart and your heart is your soul’s center.

True freedom is aligning with joy to know your soul’s path and not needing outside sources to validate it.

Sometimes we need help and support in taking down some of the layers (temporary or long term) that can get in the way of accessing our joy. We need connection and love to help us open when we are feeling stuck. No matter the journey to accessing joy, joy is always there for you, ready to communicate, and only you can hear it’s words for you.

In the last couple years, I finally allowed myself to fully align with my truths. I allowed my feelings to open with ultimate surrender and have been following their lead ever since. Prioritizing my joy in particular has meant a lot of change in a short period of time: moving, solo journeys, career shifts, life style changes, etc. Once I opened to my truths, a lot of feelings came rushing in but what came in more than ever before, was joy. I vowed to follow my joy and it has brought me on a journey (physically, emotionally, spiritually) of continual awakening and alignment to my authentic self.

What comes from a primary relationship with joy, is a continual relationship with joy. It can drive us instead fear, etc. The more we let it lead, the more it leads us to our truth, and in result, to more joy.

True freedom is aligning with joy and in result, aligning with ourselves.

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