From Self Love, Everything Awakens

Taking a break on a recent road trip to California – Tahoe National Forest – April 2021

Our relationship to love, forgiveness, acceptance, patience, challenge, growth, healing, learning, are all shaped by the ways we see and connect with ourselves.

From the lens we have on ourselves, comes the way we see and interact with others and with the world around us.

When we heal the ways we see ourselves and our actions/habits/needs/wants, it brings about understanding, compassion and acceptance. This shifts our perspective in an entirely different way. As we peer through a loving lens of ourselves, we then see everything and everyone through love.

From seeing through love, comes acting through love, and all that we do is naturally aligned to it.

We are able to attract more love and loving situations to ourselves in result. Those can be loving solutions, relationships, ideas, connections, opportunity, as well as higher feeling emotions like happiness, contentment, grounding, compassion, and care.

Being rooted in a place of self love also creates resilience to the various energies that one encounters in a day.

Through the practice of self love and acceptance, comes the patience and ability to hold that connection to love and center every interaction from it as well. You are able to bring love into every moment, connection, and experience, which helps others connect to it as well. You are less influenced by negative forces, as well as more positively influential to everyone and everything around you. This in some cases can be a matter of life or death, as you are able to hold a connection to love and hope throughout life’s many challenges.

Self love has a way of echoing love into everything you do, everything you come across, everyone you connect with.

It has a ripple effect across all parts of your being, and all parts of reality. It is from this truth that everything is touched by love, when you love yourself. It is from this truth that you can see love as the foundation of our reality.

What aspects of your being have yet to be loved and accepted? How do those aspects ignite love in the world around you?

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