Growing into Higher Dimensions

Taking in the full view – Cliffs of Moher – April 2018

There are many versions of our reality playing out at all times, including the covid crisis. Depending on our energetic frequency, we bounce in and out of different versions of our reality. The shifts feel slight and we usually don’t notice them, and we shift within several a day. When we manifest a bigger vibrational shift, we experience it as a miracle.

Any and all versions of reality are possible and necessary, and they together create our experience on earth.

Stress, pain, loss, change are all opportunities to find greater understanding and growth within all realities. Crisis is an opportunity to choose a higher vibrational resting point to reside in for the majority of our experience, and choose a different baseline than where we were before. The more of us who choose higher frequencies, allows for others to do the same, and doing so creates more possibility on a collective. This does not look like spiritual bypassing where we choose to not face pain and the realities of our struggles, but it looks like facing our challenges as well as have growth in all dimensions of our experience. That includes growth into higher dimensions, and into more positive realities.

In this time, its ok to feel happiness, its ok to feel love, to feel gratitude, joy and in awe of life. It’s crucial and necessary.

The more we can feel the positive during a time of crisis, the more we help the crisis. It tips the scale back into balance, it provides for necessary healing, surviving, and thriving. We are already seeing this positivity in the form of mutual aid, compassionate acts, intimate and supportive connections beyond physical touch. We get to see this beauty, and enjoy it, and remain there as much as we want to.

We don’t have to stay forever in the struggles that we are faced with.

We get to pivot in and out of our pains as well as joys, as one aids the other. And over time, we grow more capacity for the good. This capacity is not something we are usually taught or shown, but can choose to build over time.

Allow yourself to create a fuller reality for yourself that allows for healing as well as thriving. Choose positivity for yourself, choose it for the greater good.

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