High Intentions

Outside my home on a february day – Worcester County, MA – Feb 2020

My biggest fear as someone who has put themselves in the role of a medium/coach/teacher, is that I then must perfect those roles and stop being a student myself. I have chosen those roles from a place of wanting to inspire growth in others as I have so deeply found it to benefit myself. I choose those roles in hopes to empower healing, loving and acceptance among individuals and communities. I do it as a fellow equal who is also on a continual journey of learning herself. 

Capitalism is a funny thing, and for those of us from the western world, it is so deeply engrained in us that we will always have a hard time noticing the ways in which it effects us. Sure I am intentionally building a practice that sustains me financially, but the underlying intent of the work is that of activism.

I want to do the kind of work that even if I never make a penny, it is something I would be driven and passionate about doing anyway.

The kind of work that aligns so deeply with my values and beliefs that I have no other choice but to be actively practicing it. The kind of work that I am already doing but also feel called to invite others along with me for the ride, for both my benefit and theirs.

There is so much emphasis in our western world on putting business first, instead of putting out the intent, the message, the vibration of what you are doing, first. Of course there is so much privilege in feeling like you can even approach to do that. I’m interested in learning how to put my intent first in everything I do, in learning how to further trust fall into the universe and know it will support me.

I want to continue learning how to see our world as the energy based reality that it is, and how to function as an energy based being first.

How do we begin to perceive the ways in which we and everything else is not only made of energy, but based in it? And because of that, how can we fully trust that everything in it is more affected by energy than matter? How do we lead from a place of energy and intent, instead of focusing on perfecting the ways in which we appear, function and be in the physical? How do we balance being both a human and an energy being a the same time? How do we truly find the wholeness of being that comes about when we do so?

This is what I am interested in continuing to discover in myself, in the world, and in this work. I hope to merely share my discoveries and hopefully inspire others to find their own wholeness alongside me.

I hope to aid others in finding their true path as that whole being, not a path that they feel they need to design for a material based world. 

Thank you to all who have supported me along the way, who have opened their hearts to me as a medium/coach/teacher, as well as to those who have supported me as a friend/loved one/fellow human on their path. I welcome any of you out there to continue to discover in yourself whatever there is to be discovered, and if I can be there for any part of the process, I will continue to consider it a privilege and a joy. 

With Love,

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