Ignite your Purpose

After glow of a sunset on Lake Garda, Lombardy, Italy – July 2018

Pursue something not for what end goal it may bring, but for the joy that it brings.

When we focus on what it is that we believe in and are passionate about, we are in alignment with our deepest purpose. We find that purpose by following what the heart feels, not by what the mind thinks. When you listen only with your mind, it will only manifest thoughts and ideas of what your purpose is. From listening to your heart and your deepest feelings, you will truly discover clarity of your purpose.

It is also from what makes us alive, that ignites a spark into this world.

As we connect to our inner passions, not outer expectations, we bring about the growth and change needed most in the world and in ourselves. From within our most intimate source, we not only find and bring out the passion and creativity unique to us, but most needed in collaboration towards a unified and radiant world with others. When we create from our hearts, we follow a divine expression that brings about truth and harmony to our earth. When you are in alignment with your true self, you further align the world.

Listen within, and it will manifest without.

In order to manifest your unique path, you simply listen and honor what you know within. Following your inner spark will then send a smoke signal to the universe of what you authentically need and desire. Pursue your biggest joy and follow its path and the universe will pave the way.

As always, getting love and guided support from another as you dive deep in this process, can honor and aid you through it. Coaching is a way to gain such direct guidance and support. To inquire about coaching with me, click here. Looking forward to supporting you in bringing your heart out into the world, and witnessing the much needed affect you bring along with it.

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