Put Your Intuition at Your Center

Walking in the Connemara National Park in Ireland – April 2018

Develop your intuition, if not for a profession, but for yourself. Developing your intuition is not to be reserved for mediums and psychics but it is for every being living on this earth. It is for you to utilize in every aspect of your life. You were born with the gift of being tuned in and connected to your spiritual guidance system inside and out. It is what tells you how you feel in a moment, what your needs are, what your direction is and most importantly, who you are.

Our society, our socialization and years of inherited family history sadly trains it out of us. But it can be trained back in. It’s never left you, it’s only just collected some dust. Some of us have thicker layers than others. Some of us have different paths that were are here to learn from, so we arrive back to it at different times. But we arrive exactly when we need to. And the importance is that when we do arrive, that we are open, willing, and ready to turn and take its path.

It’s important that we put our intuition at our center, as our guiding light, as the direct connection to the highest part of us, our highest potential that not only knows you best, but wants whats best for you. Take its path instead of the path of most resistance, the one your mind has made up for you. You will find that every time you choose your intuition over your mind, you find yourself feeling grounded, assured, confident, joyous, elevated, and at peace. This is how you are meant to feel, at all times. This is how your intuition tells you you are aligned by communicating these feelings to you.

When you only choose the mind, you choose the logic of others. You choose a path already taken. You choose fear, anger, scarcity, or comfort. This is how we can end up feeling confused, lost, stuck. This is our intuition telling us again to come back. It will keep giving you more choices until you stop listening. It is then that it has no choice but to get your attention in other ways. This is how sickness, accidents, and loss happens. We don’t need to let it get to this position. But if it already has, it’s never too late to turn around and find it in the end.

You can never go far enough down the wrong path to turn around and find your intuition, and the path back is a lot shorter than you think.

No one needs to suffer endlessly, but instead we can take the suffering, turn it into a lesson, and turn it into growth. This is our purpose. Our intuition is there to help us through our path of lessons and growth. Its there to show us how to live to our highest potential and to experience the feelings we are born to experience and have with us at all times.

I can’t tell you how much I know this from personal experience, the full range of positive feelings I had lost touch with but were waiting for me to return to the whole time. It’s because of this that I want to help others find their footing back. I am driven to helping others return to their intuition, to their core, to themselves.

As a medium with a penchant for teaching and sharing, I am now offering intuitive development mentorship, as well as building some workshops on intuitive development for the future. Please be in touch if you are interested and ready to get back in tune. Looking forward to keeping you posted on things coming.

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