Leading From Your True Self

Reflections at the Beaver Brook Wildlife Management Area in NH – June 2020

“Living by principles is not living your own life. It is easier to try to be better than you are than to be who you are.” – Marion Woodman, from Addicted to Perfection

For my fellow white community- The first step towards radical change, is radical acceptance. Only when we can work towards understanding, accepting, and loving all parts of ourselves, can we move towards transformation, including breaking down the ways we intentionally or unintentionally perpetuate oppression in its many forms. From the truth of who you are and your own authentic intention, can real change blossom.

There are various ways that one is inspired towards change. We are taught that they can include force, shame, judgement, punishment, and perfection, aimed towards oneself and others. But until a decision to change is made within, with the hope that it is truly possible, no full change will be made. What are the ways we can inspire true change from within? What are the ways that have worked for you?

The more you live in the truth of the world you want to see, while aligned with the truth of who you are and your values, the more you make that world possible for others to see it as well. By being this whole, authentic self, you are leading by example. If you want to lead with the intention to change the world, begin by leading with your true self. By living and being the way, you create a better way for all.

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