Let Us Begin

Sunrise over the Sawatch mountain range in Crestone, CO – September 2018

I believe we are here, in life, to have many experiences. One of main is to awaken to our selves on a soul level, to remember our selves as spiritual beings who have come in embodiment in our human bodies, on this planet, in this lifetime. I believe we are here to remember, to awaken to ourselves as much more than this lifetime before us now. I believe we were given our bodies and this planet so that we can enjoy all of the experiences they bring: the joys, pleasures, pains, losses and most importantly the lessons. I believe that we are here to balance being humans and souls at the same time.

This is is our purpose. To be in harmony as both humans and souls, and to truly be alive as both.

We are here to grow as souls, and what better place to do it here on earth with all its beauties and struggles. As we sadly know, the human experience can dominate, our minds can take over, our egos can lead us and we fall out of harmony. Some of us never wake up to our soul selves in our human lifetimes, and if we do, it can be an incredible struggle in this world to stay awake. But its possible. It’s not only possible but it’s our birthright.

It’s right there in our being, in the depths of our hearts, and in every cell of our bodies. Our souls are with us at every breath, at every heartbeat but most importantly in and outside of these bodies. It never leaves you as you are it, it is you. It also has had an incredible journey leading up to this, getting you here, being here and it will continue doing so beyond this experience that you are in now.

We are made up of energy as both souls and as humans in bodies, our planet is made up of the same energy, our fellow humans are made up of it, our galaxy, our universe. To be alive is to be attuned to this energy. It is abundant, it is never-ending and it is pure as light & love. To be alive is to feel the greatest interconnectedness, support, fulfillment, contentment, and love to ever exist. To be alive is to be connected to the source of life.

Join me in waking up, and staying awake. Awaking to our truest selves, as souls, as beings on a grand journey in which being aligned, attuned, awake and enlightened is our birthright.

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