Let Your Dreams Be Wild and Free

Upper Waikani Falls in Maui Hawaii, November 2022

Have you ever pursued a long-term dream only to realize after some time that it no longer aligned with who you are? Have you ever pursued a long-term dream, eventually forgetting or resisting to take a hard look at it? Have you ever found yourself locked into a plan that you created yourself? 

One of the scariest things about being human, as well as a part of a capitalist society, is allowing ourselves to be the fluid, ever-evolving, complex beings that we are.

What if we don’t make sense to others? What if the changes we crave, or the personal shifts we intuitively sense result in our worth or value being questioned? We’ve created a society that relies on linear, fixed, and predictable growth, and self-worth that is placed in the hands of others. Take the steps, follow the five-year plan, and you will reach your goal. But as organisms that are constantly growing and in flux, a fixed path can go against our being on a very basic and primordial level. Do the trees question the sky when cooler temps, winds, and snow come a little early? They instead adapt, surrender, and participate in the change coming.

I say all of this to invite us all, and especially myself, to step deeper into aligning with ourselves as free, fluid, unpredictable, and creative beings.

What might it look like to truly know and validate our worth coming from within, and one that only we can personally define? What does our worth look like outside of titles, careers, the accomplishment of dreams (no matter how alternative or creative they are), or having to DO anything at all?

What if we were to look at the core of our dreams in terms of their basic quality, energy, or essence? 

When we can get clarity on our dreams on a more cellular level, we realize that their qualities are already a part of us and simply long to be felt and expressed more consciously. We can then do so in organic and flexible ways, and as naturally as the weather comes and goes. Pursuing our dreams can then also be about embodying them, rather than about their being found, achieved, or strived for outside of ourselves.

Our dreams are a living, breathing, evolving part of us, that can be manifested in a variety of ways, material or not.

Our worth is then not based on the achievement of our dreams but rather is found inside us, and has been there since the day we were born. Let your dreams be wild and free, instead of responsible for your worth. Let your dreams simply be an expression of your beautiful, ever-flowing, naturally worthy self.

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