May Our Pain Bring Us Higher

Being guided by light and magic – Kolarbyn Eco Lodge in Fagersta Sweden – May 2018

As a kid, I used to have immense growing pains. I’d cry for hours realizing that elements of my youth were over or would never be the same. I feared that reality would get worse as I grew older, not better.

Why do we fear the future? Why do we feel that only good things are in the beginning? That we or things become spoiled, tainted, and damaged over time?

It was early onset fear settling into my adolescent awareness. As I began to learn about fear, to see it on my parent’s faces, and to feel it in my body, I feared that my connection to a loving world was diminishing.

As I’ve gone on to better understand growth and personal evolution as an adult, I’ve begun to reassure those nostalgic and inner child parts within me that in fact, things get better as we age.

There is culminating energy, history, and wisdom that is building within us as we live our lives. There is potential for happiness and contentment that is richer in complexity, more connected to life, our inner workings, and the continuing plotline of connection with others.

I’ve realized that in fact, our world is made up of love, positivity, hope, potential and that those energies can be tapped into at any time, not just when we are young and fresh to the world. And further, that we could tap into them more and more over time, perhaps more than we did when we first arrived on earth.

And through our human experiences, through the hardships, and learned fear, we could experience love even greater than before.

It is through our experiences on this planet through loss, change, heartbreak, sickness, and trauma that a positive and loving reality can grow exponentially in potential, frequency, greatness, and richness.

How might we honor our life’s experiences, our collecting wisdom, our deepening insight into a never-ending expanding worldview? To invite in and allow the potential for greater love, healing, and positivity in result of all our handwork, learning, and understanding?

What loving and expanding reality lies right underneath the surface? What potential have you been cultivating within you over your lifetime?

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