Only Love is Real

Late summer reflections at Twin Lakes, Co – Sept 2020

“Love is the ultimate answer. Love is not an abstraction but an actual energy, or spectrum of energies which you can ‘create’ and maintain in your being. Just be loving. You are beginning to touch God within yourself.” – Brian Weiss

Only love is real

Everything other than love is false misrepresentation, a perspective, experience, or belief. Underneath all feelings and energies is a foundation of love. Everything is built by and designed by love at it’s core.

There are many forces that influence our reality but the most fundamental and real aspect, is love.

Love is multidimensional, a full spectrum that encompasses everything. Energies independent of love are just that, a fragment of the bigger picture. When connected in love, all is accepted, all is allowed, all is included. There is no binary of right or wrong, good or bad, black and white. Everything just is, and everything is just love.

When blended with an energy of fear for example, our whole reality is skewed, filtered and influenced by a fear based aspect of reality. We are then experiencing reality through the lens of one small part of all that is. But when we connect to love, we expand and open to a wider, accepting, fuller experience of life.

When in love, we are the fullest versions of ourselves, having the fullest experience of life.

In love, we are able to navigate the world through the wholeness and truth that comes from it. We then have the creative solutions, compassion, forgiveless, and understanding to fully be with ourselves and our world in the truth of what it is. Allowing love, creates more of it to exist as well. When in love, we allow love to flow from us to others, as well as allow ourselves to receive it. We can speak love, see love, hear love, feal love, and simply be love.

When you feel any energy other than love, remember that it too is a part of a bigger picture.

Allow that energy to open you even more, and eventually it will return you back to it’s core of love. Accept all that comes to you in the process and the gifts of lessons that it brings. It being a part of love, has the intentions of love in all that it does, brings and creates.

Only love is real

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