Return To Love

Late fall hike in Maroon Bells, CO – October 2018

When you feel separate, when you feel off, when your wants overwhelm you, when a single emotion clouds you, when a hundred emotions pull you, when the turning of time sits on your shoulders, when your body feels differently than how you want it to, when you don’t get the response you’d hope, when you are lost in projection, when you are taking a bath in anger, when your ego is inflated in fear, when your emotions don’t come, when your heart won’t slow, when your mind won’t stop.

Return to love

Return to your heart, to the breath that feeds it, to the body that holds it, to the love that grew it, to the life force that fuels it, to the person that loves it, to the person it always loves: you. you at the core, you at its essence, you at its truest.

Your heart is always you, always there, always feeling, always discerning, always learning, always guiding, always leading, always connected to others, always loving others, always loving life, always loving the planet that holds us, always loving to grow.

Anything else is simply the mind, it is the ego, a powerful but incredibly small part of the picture. It can be soothed, it can be supported, it can be trained but most importantly it can be loved .

Love your self even when you struggle with it, love the struggle, and love yourself for struggling.

Return to love

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