Self Perception is Self Love

Sunset reflection at the end of a volunteer shift, Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, Limpopo South Africa – February 2018

If you can’t perceive something, does it mean that it does not exist?

We cannot see the emotions that we feel, the connection we feel with the planet and each other, see the atoms of our cells or the darkest matter of space, but they still exist. The spiritual realm cannot be seen from a telescope, but we can sense it and connect to it. We cannot see feelings that flow between two people but we sense them on a conscious and subconscious level.

If we cannot or do not perceive something, does it still have meaning? Does a rock have meaning if no one pays attention to it? Does another’s experience have meaning if you do not experience it yourself? Do invisible forces matter even if they cannot be measured? Do your feelings matter even if no one else hears or sees them?

Some argue that the meaning of something relies on whether it is recognized from something besides itself. The scientific community for example, only gives value to what it can measure and prove by human means. But life itself has yet to be measured by science, and yet we continue to live, feel and exist. We also find ourselves experiencing the meaning of something even if no one else recognizes it.

The same could be said for your own experience. If you perceive or experience something, it exists and therefore it has meaning.

Your individual experience is real and it’s meaning doesn’t rely if others can see, hear or experience what you experience. If you are conscious of your own experience, and therefore aware of it, that in itself gives it value and validity. We are taught to seek outside validation but everybody has their own experience of reality and each and every one is important.

While we are interconnected beings existing in harmony and relationship to one another, we begin to connect to that harmony from within. That harmony starts from the self and self awareness, which is only truly validated from itself.

To give yourself the gift of being seen, find and develop awareness of yourself, and from it, you will feel meaning and validity from the truest and primary source of all…you.

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