Shine Your Light

Springtime hike on Mount Sula near Alesund, Norway – June 2018

The brilliant light of life needs all it’s parts to shine at their brightest.

Our planet is comprised of spectacular detail and unique beauty, and every bit of what goes into it, is needed to make it the rich, vibrant and harmonious place that it is. That means that your inner most essence is needed to shine out in order for the world to be the incredible and divinely designed place that it is.

You do that by listening in and honoring the part of you that only comes within, the part of you that vibrates at it’s own unique frequency.

You do it by giving voice to your heart and it’s unique beliefs, knowings, and feelings, by marking the canvas of life with your authentic color and beauty, by allowing your inner essence to impress the energetic field of those around you, by freeing the truest Self deep within and allowing its frequency to expand out in all directions. You do it by letting your light spill out and illuminate every space around you.

Honor and relish in the distinct and extraordinary effect you have on the world everyday.

Trust that your inner truth not only has a place in this world, but its rare and unique beauty is needed for the greater good of this planet. Trust that you are every bit a piece of the divine as the biggest source of it all. Trust that you are a face of the bigger multifaceted crystal of life. Let yourself shine, and by doing so, you invite others to do the same.

Together in our uniqueness, in our multitudes, coming from all corners of the universe, create the beauty and the light that our world is made up of.

Together as our frequencies combine, we radiate the beautiful light of life.

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