The Potential of Imperfection

Hiking through the Garden of the Gods State Park – Colorado Springs, CO – Sept 2018

Perfectionism limits us to all the things that life has to offer

If we structure, order or limit our experiences in order to perfect ourselves, we end up limiting the potential of experiences possible in our lives. Whether that’s striving to repeat something we know that’s worked in the past, seeking to repeat a feeling, or avoiding a conflict or failure, we are restricting the bounty of potential of what life can bring to us. Those potentials could be meaningful new experiences, valuable lessons, new connections, new discoveries, new joys, or new moments of clarity.

We are not machines, that repeat, refine and perfect.

As we’ve advanced as human beings, we’ve advanced technologies that can compute, store, repeat and even advance computational scripts to the point of (near) perfection. We’ve gone on to build societies around these advances, societies that prioritize them over the organic nature of our world. We’ve grown to expect them, to rely on them and through doing so, we expect our humanity to follow suit.

But as we know, we are not computers nor are we meant to be. We are unique concentrations of energies housed within organic, asymmetrical, bodies. We are both energy and human life forms, always in flux. We are creatures of unique rhythms, made up of vibrations and frequencies.

We sing and harmonize within our varied environments, naturally coexisting with all of life.

We have somehow created a mindset that believes otherwise. We impose rigid structures, order, and computational ideals to our innate organic natures. We impose them on our thought patterns, to our emotional processes, and to our bodily needs, to our daily routines, to our lifetimes. We are not linear one dimensional beings, we’re not even three dimensional beings, we are multidimensional (perhaps adimensional) beings, living in fractals of gradation that are flowing and spinning in impermanence.

In our wondrous impermanent world, nothing stays the same, nothing repeats itself, and therefore every moment is different and filled with chance. We are simply here to show up, and participate, to activate its beautiful potential, and dance in its dance, the beautiful dance of being.

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