To Be Alive Is To Feel Alive.

Hiking in the Dolomite Mountains, Italy – July 2018

The act of feeling is the act of aliveness. To feel is to open up all your senses, allow the universe to flow in, through you, and charge every cell of your body. Feeling is allowing yourself to connect with the source of life.

Feeling is allowing in both the light and the dark. It’s allowing everything to flow through and release. In doing so, it ensures the light to win in the end. Feel through the darkness instead of becoming shut down in an endless cycle of stuckness, worry and anticipation of the pain. That is how the dark wins.

Living is to surf the never ending wave of feelings.

It’s allowing the source of life to flow and guide you. Blocking, resisting, shutting down, numbing, distracting, is to stop the flow of life run through you. It keeps you from feeing the bad but more importantly it keeps you from feeling the good as well. It keeps you from feeling and therefore it keeps you from living.

To truly live is to allow all feelings to be alive within you.

To feel is to truly be alive.

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