United In The Positive Intent of Our Hearts

A hike along the North Saint Vrain Creek – Rocky Mountain National Park – August 2020

What you think about, is what you draw in, conjure and attract. It’s how energy works. Depending on the energy behind a thought, the intensity of it and duration, the attraction grows. Being energy based beings in an energy based reality, this is how our world works.

Everything is made up from energy, some forms are invisible (thoughts, feelings, connections between people) and some are very solid and physical (the earth, objects, nature).

So when we remain within thoughts or feelings that are negatively based, either immediately or eventually, we attract more of what we are thinking about. The universe doesn’t care whether what we are putting our energy into is negative or positive, just that we are focused on it.

Unfortunately, the mind being a dualistic, binary mechanism, is negatively biased. When we remain in our heads, thoughts, and egos which is what are brought up and socialized to do, we typically remain and exist within a negative biased reality. Fortunately a much more powerful organ, the heart, is positively biased. When we feel an emotion, no matter what it is, it is 10x more powerful than any thought or idea we have. So from this, we are given the opportunity to shift our driver seat from the mind to the heart if we choose.

From the heart’s perspective, things are more colorful, complex, present, perceptive, open, and aligned in the truth of who we are and the world.

The heart exists outside of the dualistic mindset that dominates our current society, it exists outside of binaries, wrong and right, black and white, good or bad. It can hold all of what makes someone or something, it can be within multiple dimensions, realities, and outside of time and space. It is connected to how we and our world really works.

We are moving increasingly into the complexity that comes from being led by the heart instead of the mind.

This is what is causing our current evolution of consciousness, creating the massive shifts that we are seeing today. But as we progress and move, there naturally is resistance, chaos, and conflict.

As we face these challenges, it’s up to us to remain in a heart centered place if we want to see our reality fully changing and shifting into the positive. It means remaining resilient, connected, and attuned to positivity, and our hearts. The most positive emotions felt in the heart and that bring about the biggest change are compassion, love, and care.

Remaining compassionate with ourselves and others during a time of conflict is the most powerful, and revolutionary act we can do.

So this means that we can, and are changing the world with every positive, loving, and caring intent. Everything from manifesting rain for our burning forests, to freeing everyone on this planet. From my heart to yours, let us unite in the positive intent of our hearts.

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