We Are Ever Evolving

Exploring the Nile river by boat on the way to Murchison Falls – Uganda, Feb 2018

When we do the hard work of waking up to, learning about, and re-aligning to our truest selves, we feel a higher level of awareness and connection with life. We feel more alive than we ever have before and satisfaction from our growth. While this is the gift of awakening, we sometimes want to hold onto what we’ve newly learned as the answers to the rest of our lives.

It’s hard earned growth and without meaning to, we sometimes create static goals from our ah-ha moments that we later compare or hold ourselves to.

But as we continue to grow and have new experiences in life, an ongoing connection and dialogue with our deepest selves about how we feel, think, want, and need in each new situation is needed. We have to continually adapt and re-evaluate as the world around us changes.

As we or the world changes, so must our connection to ourselves.

True growth is an ongoing process but thank goodness for that. In life, one moment is never the same from the next, and the beauty and possibility that arises from that is spectacular. We are given the gift of impermanence, nuance, mystery and evolution. And we also get to have that within ourselves as well.

When we connect to the potential of growth and change within ourselves, we connect and allow that in our world as well, and visa versa. We are evolving beings in an evolving world.

This is where the importance of intuition and self awareness comes in. They are pivotal in one’s advancing expansion.

Our ability to know how we feel in each arising moment comes from our connection with our inner voice. This voice keeps us up to date on our true self, our path, and all that we need in the process of being in alignment with it.

From intuition, comes our ability to harness unconditional self love. When we know and listen to our ever expanding true selves, we can create continuous self acceptance and love. And from self love, all growth and achievement is possible.

No thing or no one is static or permanent, and from that comes never ending possibilities for growth, acceptance, and love.

What is new within yourself that has yet to be heard? What changes are arising that could be accepted, loved, and allowed to expand?

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