When You Find Your Core, You Find Freedom

Light streaming through the woods in Bern, Switzerland – August 2018

An excerpt of channeled writing from my inner guidance system:

“I remember when I no longer thought I needed validation, in that I thought I knew all that there was to know. In my head still, I would wait for validation and innately, it would follow me. I knew that I had to instead find myself. In the beginning I waited for approval, in that I was waiting for their thoughts, agreements, possibilities, patterns, innate knowledge. But then I faltered. I knew deep in my gut that there was no disguising what was really there inside me, myself.

I thought by picking up the pieces of what others told me, that I would find myself. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I know that in time I will no longer need to follow the thoughts of others at all. In time I will slowly settle in with my own pieces. In thought there was no way, there is only an innate feeling of my own guides and knowings. With that I became free, truly wide open and unbounded. I no longer had demands made of me or others thoughts forcing me. I found my own rhythm in time. It was my own guidance system that was there in my life, for me, watching me, knowing where to take me. It is that sense of freedom that I can no longer relinquish, or leave behind. I am my own guide, my own leader, my own master of thought. In time you too will find your core, your rhythm, your guidance system. And then you will know what it feels like to be free. Live your life as you wish, let you core be your innate wisdom. In turn it will find you even when you aren’t looking but its a lot nicer when you can get ahead and in charge of it. Be the wisdom, be the guiding horse that you ride into the dusk and heavens.”

-Channeled at 1:24pm, on 1/24

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