You Had It All Along

Summer reflections at Turquoise Lake, Leadville, CO – August 2021

Awakening is waking up to the reality of love that exists within you and has been there all along

It’s within you, outside of you, and is the foundation of both our physical and non-physical reality.

Heartbreak is the time when your connection to this truth is challenged the most.

In the loss of the relationship, it can feel as if your connection to love itself has been lost. In relationship, we receive and give love in mutual harmony, and love itself can be felt in more obvious ways.

But as energetic and conscious beings in human form, made of meridian lines and energy centers, we are natural-born channelers of love.

When in relationship, the love we feel is not only another’s love, but also the love you have within yourself being mirrored back to you

Both types of love are from the same divine source, but embodied in different form.

As mirrors and conduits of love, we know and embody love at our core.

We could not feel or receive love if we didn’t have it within us to begin with.

So as you mourn the loss of various relationships in your life, remember to not mourn the love, or the love embodied parts of you that were present during those times.

Remember to recollect that love and those parts, and bring them along with you on your path.

Instead, we can mourn the energetic resonance we felt with someone that made it possible for that love to be mirrored and reflected so beautifully.

But the love itself was yours and is yours to keep, as well as continue shining out into the world.

You also get to celebrate your capacity for letting your love be seen, reflected back, and received. The only way you could have felt the way you did in those joyful moments, was because you already had that love within, and allowed yourself to be an open channel for it.

The hard truth is that no one can bring you love that is more powerful than your own, but they can shine it back in more magnified forms.

But that truth is also incredibly freeing. It means you no longer have to wait to feel, have, and experience love.

So what would it look like to awaken to the love that is already within you? How can you mirror your love back to yourself now, as well as out into the world?

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