Intuitive Guidance for People and Animals

Psychic Mediumship – As both a psychic and a medium, I tune into the energetic field of others within this physical dimension, as well as connect with the energetic fields of those within the spiritual or non-physical dimension. I utilize both capacities to connect with your passed loved ones, spirit guides, your higher self, the quantum field, as well as your aura and energy system in order to relay guidance, info and messages for your highest good and path/purpose. I gain insight based on psychic intuition as well as through mediumship receiving directly from spirit. Whether you seek support through major life shifts, career moves, romantic endeavors, healing from past hurts, the loss of a loved one, or day to day guidance, I work with your spiritual guidance system to give you the highest support in all of life’s inquiries.

Available readings over the phone:

  • 1 hour – $150

Animal Communication – I also work with animals and their spiritual guidance system to relay information on their health as well as emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs. Animal communication is a great tool for better understanding our animal loved ones, for better connection, relationship, cohabitation and healing.

Available readings over the phone:

  • 30 mins (approx 1-3 questions) $75
  • 60 mins (approx 3-5 questions) $150

*I also aim to end the suffering of abused, neglected and/or exploited animals by offering her healing work to various animal rescue organizations. Please contact me if you know of an animal in need.

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